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: there's a good saying: no ugliest shoes, only the ugliest colors. So the color is an important factor in the popularity of a pair of shoes, often single color shoes is very monotonous, but it just exposed Nike Zoom KD double V" Tonal Red" color is very friendly, but this is not a pair of ID products, is likely to be a special version of KD. We still have to wait and see about the sale of these shoes.

Nike, one of the classic Blazer shoes, also launched a new series in the spring of 2011. The highlights of this vintage are the addition of purple and orange color, soft suede uppers and old - made soles. As a new product of the Spring Festival, the shoes are set for sale. We can find the information about the shoes at END.

Gun Rose (GNR
Name of
running group: GNR

set up time: 2015.2

member size: 103

active area:
, Zhengzhou, Henan
group ran: "guns and roses is determined by a number of Marathon enthusiasts to participate in the formation of running group, the marathon mania bursting, ran group stars now, we hope to become the hearts of many friends ran wanted run group.

1, scientific and rational running attitude, compared with the frenzied marathon competition, we also hope that guns and roses are a team full of reason, not for the purpose of speed, volume and speed.

2, super strong activity. Guns N 'Roses not to the scale of victory, the zombie fans after the rest of the zero tolerance, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore are high activity runners. The running regiment stipulates that at least three times a week (not less than 5K distance, not less than 8 distribution speed), the basic rate is about 40% per day.

3, the fund of running regiment continued to develop continuously. Running of the funds is composed of three parts, to support the run group work: donation (less than three times per week effective card 50 yuan donation) + run fee (currently not implemented, is expected from 2017 Implementation) + corporate sponsorship (currently has Lining, Nordic brand NONAME, Wyatt laps and some beverage brands are willing to sponsor).

4, the real high-end crowd mainly. The company was originally run by guns n 'roses to the staff / private executives (General Manager / Director) and senior management personnel, engineers and institutions, young people then slowly to cover more, do not win with quality, with "love and life / career as a creed, have the order reversed" to ensure the purity of guns and roses and stability.
The integration of resources, the full range of
5, focuses on several aspects of our resource integration, from running running gear (clothes, shoes, watches, glasses, etc.) to the professional training camp (soon to be introduced and a physical training camp, tulip season cooperation, to talk about) event operators (the United States, marathon places, and Nordic ways) to run routine group sponsors are from our own can leveraging resources, hope for the group to provide more service resources to run on the movement itself.

Sina started the Zhejiang run group selection, what are the partners of the group still hesitating? Come to show yourself!

[download the registration form, fill out to, look forward to your joining! ]

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