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It is safe to run by a beautiful woman.
this week, Zhengzhou official summer. Many runners can't exercise during the day, at night the temperature comfortable, night running almost became the main period of running. In the dead of night, less cars and fewer people, it felt really good to run, but the safety problem also surfaced again. In May 20th, a female runner in Beijing wrote on micro-blog that he was robbed by a strange man at night running in South Fourth Ring Road, not only hurt but also been robbed of mobile phone. The problem of how to safely run at night has plagued a lot of friends, especially some female runners. The reporter also specially contacted Hangzhou famous Henan beauty running laps "Pepper soybeans" ask her to tell us how to prevent dangerous night run.

Beijing female runners' night run

was driven by a driving man to beat

May 20th, micro-blog netizens "fragment Liu Kang resistance" broke the news, said he was running in the South Fourth Ring Road when he was driven by men's tail and robbery. He was injured and was robbed of his cell phone. He also made many runners who like to run in the night in a cold sweat. The micro-blog was also forwarded by the official micro-blog of the Beijing municipal government of Fengtai District to remind women who run out of the night.

Liu said, her family lived near Beijing Zhaogongkou, often one night run, is currently preparing for the marathon, so basically every day fixed running out. Now the Fengtai branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau has made a case investigation. Ms. Liu wrote on micro-blog: "think a little scared, if dragged away the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Also remind you, after overtime to go to night road or alone night running should pay attention to safety, but also hope that we should pay more attention. "

the most beautiful marathon girl

with "Messi" runaway 50 km
The most famous female marathon runner
domestic circle is probably "Pepper soybean", the big eyed beauty was netizen called the most beautiful marathon girl ", popular network.

as a high value of Yan female runners, "bean" in night running process meet the person approached the situation is not the first two, her answer is: do not pay any attention, accelerate to more people or a bright place to run, otherwise, he ran into a roadside inn.

in addition to these tricks, "edamame" out of every night running also will bring a "Huhuashizhe", that is her dog "Messi".

"I've got Messi for a year and a half, and it's going to take it every time." Some time ago when the walk to the Qiandao Lake to "Messi" on it, to accompany us to walk 50 kilometers." Now one can run 30 km of Messi is completely "soybeans" running a good partner, go to Qiandao Lake to walk it became a big star, "we all love it, say it to do badly, and it posed, the" Messi "happy." Comodo said proudly.

night running is a comfortable way for runners to exercise in hot summer days, but you must never relax your vigilance. After all, safety is always the first priority. Chiara Ferragni is a fashion blogger from Italy, Milan. She has a fashion sense, and she is very popular on the Internet because of her personal collocation skills. This is her own single handedly designed 2015 spring and summer series shoes can cause great concern, way of dressing of Chiara Ferragni can be considered from the start of this series, flat shoes with high heels can experience fun together!

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