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From the current Nike published the picture we can see the shoes by a gradual light blue surrounded, and the body of the shoe material is also very like the patent leather material. And the outsole of shoes continues with a very refreshing transparent blue as a coordinator. It is reported that the shoes will be in June 29th in Asia, North America sync shelves, like friends may wish to pay attention to. Editor's note
Get up early and run.

if you are a morning runner, do you go out and run for a while before breakfast, do you feel full of energy and emotion all day? It's true that scientists have discovered the secret of making people happy in the morning run. Love Laichuang reason and the reduction in the nest is not running in the morning?

, according to the study, is related to a hormone called leptin. Leptin is associated with fullness and satiety. After eating, it increases in content and helps to reduce hunger. Therefore, the leptin content of endurance athletes is usually lower.
researchers used mice as a study to monitor the effects of leptin in the brain. The mouse is chosen because the leptin in the body is similar to that of humans. The researchers first destroyed the leptin signals in one group of mice to deceive their brains and think their leptin levels were low. The other group of mice was used as a reference. The mice in leptin by interference on the wheel running distance is two times more than the reference group to stop.

, moreover, put mice in a closed space with two wheels, but one of them can not rotate. The mice with low leptin content are willing to spend more time running on the rotated gear.
results showed that low levels of leptin made mice more willing to run, indicating that they enjoyed exercise. Stephanie ·, a neurobiologist at the University of Montreal, and Fulton believes this may also be suitable for humans. Low levels of leptin play a role in the high mood of the runners and the pleasure of running.

normally, the runners often train, so they contain less leptin, so they enjoy the sport when they go out and feel happy. It means that some things cause us to be hungry, but also let us want to run more, and feel happy from it. This view seems to be contradictory.

actually, from the point of view of evolution, it is entirely clear. Early human beings lacked food and had to travel long distances to find food. When you are sure you can find the food you need, the mood will naturally rise in the course of running. After evolution, the runners also have this.
The results of
, although scientific, do not mean that runners can run long or high frequencies on an empty stomach. It is necessary to add a certain amount of energy before running, and only in this way can we run better. The main result of this study is to reveal why the morning sprint makes people feel high. In this way, it may attract more people to take part in the morning run, not only to exercise the body, but also to improve the spirit of the spirit.

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