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PLAYOFF PACKNike ZOOM FLIGHTCLUB This figure is composed of two

Spurs will wear Zoom Tony Parker Flightclub, in addition to all kinds of Hybrid style, classical style elements capture is the recent re interpretation of the major sports brands have adopted the approach to "Zoom Flight" for the 98 tribute to the starting point of the design of Zoom Flightclub is one of the born in the garbage mouth Payton distinctive image under the Zoom Flight 98, the upper huge Nike gogo logo and elastic Lycra covered with features are unforgettable, this year by Tony Parker Flight Zoom Flightclub back in again, vamp cloth has a very flexible but more durable, almost no a left, bottom notch is durable, Velcro strap design from the original Zoom Flight 98, Flightposite, end with the elastic band (similar to Zoom LeBr On VI followed by ring at both ends of the kind) connected to the heel stabilizer on the heel, the other end is engaged with the outer Velcro uppers, although not see the monkey's paw reborn, but with ankle support and there is still a considerable level, but also because the leather ring design retains the movable space foot bending the lower on the pitch "jump" opportunity, inside of the exposed Bukaikong network is actually the inner part of the structure, the whole pair of shoes by the similar material composition, coated external cover elastic cloth, followed by the visible ZOOM air cushion, collocation design backward, out, the visual effect is prominent, lateral heel embroidered is Tony Parker in Playoff Pack exclusive personal totem, which are individual Logo "TP9", the star of hope and a symbol of Paris tower.

download (52.81 KB) PLAYOFF PACK download (55.24 KB) PLAYOFF PACK

BELLE although shoes business continued to maintain double-digit growth last year, but was affected by the poor economic environment, the same store sales growth in the second half of last year fell significantly compared with the first half. Fourth quarter footwear same store growth of 8.2%, in the first quarter of this year, the same store growth declined further, only recorded a low number of units of 2.8% growth, while sportswear sales in the same store fell 2.4%. As the whole industry still has too much inventory pressure, it has led to frequent markdowns and damaged the gross profit margin and profitability of many enterprises.

most of the group's point of sale opened in department stores, the brand with a strong bargaining power, the mall franchise fee is relatively low, so the footwear and apparel two gross margin were recorded only a slight improvement in the short term is difficult to have a larger growth. In addition, the two kind of business mode, sports apparel business is currently marketing agent, footwear business is focused on its own brand, the footwear business sales grew faster than sports, but also has the difference of profit last year, the footwear business gross margin was 68.8%, far higher than the 36.6% sports apparel.

is currently the world's largest distributor of Adidas and the two largest Nike distributor. After successful acquisition of BigStepLimited, it can produce synergies with other businesses to enhance profitability. The Group expects Big Step to bring in close to 2 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) every year. In addition, in combination with the existing sales channels under the group "low fifteen minutes" brand women's shoes to get involved in the market, but the business at the initial stage, temporarily difficult with Daphne (210) compared to the existing scale.

note, although the group rapid replenishment orders, up to 20 days, but the shoe last year's inventory turnover continued to rise, an increase of 23.4 to 202 days, the overall amount of inventories increased 34% to 6 billion 520 million yuan. Group capital expenditure increased, the dividend from 31 cents per share in 2010 (including the interim and final special dividend total of 20 points), last year dropped by 5 to 15 points, dividend payout ratio of less than 30%. On the trend, April 13th is "Dayang candle" back on the 10 day and 20 STC% antenna, K in the overbought zone continued to go above the%D line, MACD maintains the cattle gap, after the consolidation of materials can be again, wait for less than 14.4 yuan (HK $, the same below) to absorb, rebound resistance is 15.7 yuan, not dropped 13.8 yuan to be continued hold.

Nike Sportswear Air Max Light 2011 spring and summer shoes [shoes - shoes, watch] Air Max as one of the classic shoes Nike Sportswear's, much loved, but Nike in each season will launch several so let us unforgettable Air Max, just as before here is the Demin version of shoes. This Nike Sportswear brings the spring and summer of 2011 the new Air Max Light for us, made of high-grade leather and suede combination, gray and blue tones with each other, and with black Swoosh dotted with green cushion, so that the whole shoe is filled with the taste of summer. You don't have to hesitate, act now, and it will be your best friend. (Universal shoes net - the most authoritative Chinese shoe net Chen editor)

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